Vanderkooi Poultry

Vanderkooi Poultry farm located in Nanaimo, B.C. is owned by second generation egg farmers Dwayne and Julie Vanderkooi. They also have four kids who are a very active part of the farm. Both Dwayne and Julie grew up on dairy farms and made the jump to egg farming on the Island in 2005 after the opportunity arose from Dwayne's dad to get them started.

They started with conventional layer barns in 2005 but in 2008 built free range and free run barns. Currently, they have around 60,000 birds and produce conventional white and brown eggs as well as free range and omega free run. They also raise beef cattle and custom raise pullets (young hens) for other egg farmers on Vancouver Island.

Making the decision to farm was easy for the Vanderkooi’s as they knew they wanted to raise their family on a farm and they enjoy teaching their kids about responsibility and hard work from a young age.

In their spare time they all enjoy doing things as a family and watching their kids play various types of sports. One thing they would like to tell consumers is that if you are looking to buy a fresh local product then look on your grocery shelves for Island Gold.