Vaandrager Farms

Vaandrager Farms is run by Jeremy and Tamara Vaandrager with the help of their two kids Lucas and Bethany. They have been farming since 2010 and are fourth generation farmers but third generation egg farmers. Vaandrager Farms is home to around 10,000 birds who produce free-range eggs. Free-range birds can roam around the floor in the barn while also being outside on nice days of the year.

The Vaandragers started egg farming as they realized that it was a great way to make a living and they love working with animals. When Jeremy is not on the farm, he is also a feed representative for Richie Smith Feeds and is a sound and video technician for his church. One thing Jeremy would like consumers to know is that when you buy an egg from Island Eggs you are really supporting family farms and people who love what they do.