Payson Farms

Payson Farms, located in Hatzic, BC is run by Jon and Taryn Vanderkooi as well as their two children, Payton and Tyson who are an active part of the farm. Jon has grown up in a farming family his whole life, starting on a dairy farm before his dad made the transition to chickens.

Jon knew he wanted to keep going with chickens which led him to continue farming in 2009 when the opportunity arose. Jon and Taryn run Kennettas Farm in Hatzic for Jon‘s dad and in 2021 started Payson farms just down the road. Currently they have about 17,000 birds housed in an enriched barn where the birds are placed in a small colonies and have access to nesting areas, scratch pads, and roosts.

Jon and Taryn also stay busy with their beef cows, goats, and making hay during the summer. In their spare time they enjoy boating and quaking as a family while. Jon also enjoys hunting and fishing.