Misty Mountain Farms

Misty Mountain farms located in Aggasiz, BC is owned and operated by Kristin and Willem Poortvliet first generation eggs farmers that started farming in 2013 and then invested further in laying hens in 2017. Before they started farming Kristin enjoyed staying at home with their family and Willem installed irrigation.

The Poortvliet’s knew they wanted to get involved in farming as Kristin grew up on a small acreage and loved the lifestyle that comes with being on a farm. Another incentive to start farming was the ability for Kristin to be able to stay at home with their four young kids as well as work on the farm. In their spare time Kristin enjoy being outside and gardening while Willem enjoys hiking.

Currently Misty Mountain farms is home to around 4600 birds who produce organic free-range eggs. One thing the Poortvliet’s would like consumers to know about egg farmers is that it is their passion, that farmers put their animals first to make sure they produce top quality eggs from healthy hens.