Kenettas Farms

Kennettas farms, located in Mission BC is owned by Ken and Henrietta Vanderkooi but managed and run by their son Jon and his wife Taryn. Ken and Henrietta started farming in 1971 with dairy cows but in 1994 started the transition to eggs in Abbotsford when the opportunity arose to buy into laying hens and sell the dairy farm. Later, in 2015, they bought property just outside of Mission and built brand new enriched barns for Jon and Taryn to run and eventually own themselves. Currently they have about 50,000 birds on the farm in an enriched barn. This barn is more spacious for birds compared to conventional housing and also has nesting areas, roosts, and scratch pads.

Farming is in Kens blood having grown up in a dairy farm in the Netherlands before moving and started to farm in Canada. He enjoys the freedom of being his own boss, working and enjoying animals and most importantly not having to carry a lunchbox to work. In their spare time Ken and Henrietta enjoy spending time with their grandkids and Ken enjoys fishing and building birdhouses.

One thing the Vanderkooi’s would like people to know is that an egg is a nutrient that gives you energy and the birds raised are genuinely well looked after by a farmer that makes sure they have access to the best feed, water, air quality and conditions possible.