Janzen Poultry

Scott Janzen and his wife Natasja are 3rd generation egg farmers in Abbotsford. Their kids Nikki and Parker actively participate doing various jobs around the farm. The Janzen’s started farming in 2007 after the opportunity arose from Scott’s dad to take over the farm. Scott had been doing jobs outside of the farm for a number of years but once his dad mentioned selling the Janzen’s thought long and hard about buying back in and decided to do it. It wasn’t an easy decision but the lifestyle and the fact that their kids were young motivated them.

In 2014 the Janzen’s started the transition from conventional barns to free range and in 2018 added the free run barn. The family currently produces free run and free-range eggs for Island Gold as well as custom raises chicks for other farms around their area.

The Janzen’s love the lifestyle that comes with farming and Scott mentioned he enjoys working for himself and spending time each day with his chickens. It isn’t a job for them but a lifestyle that they love. In their spare time Parker and Scott enjoy fishing while Natasja and Nikki work in the school system off the farm but enjoy reading and relaxing when they have time.

One thing that Janzen’s would like consumers to know is that as egg farmers “we take pride in every egg we produce so you as the consumer can have the best quality product available.”