Hazelspring Organics

Hazelspring organics is managed by Juschka Clarke, who is a first-generation egg farmer. Clarke works with her mom who owns the farm and has three kids who help when they can. Currently Hazelspring Organics has about 4200 birds that lay organic free run and free-range eggs. It is also home to sheep, goats, horses and is continuously expanding.

Clarke was born and raised in North Vancouver and has always been a farmer, so it was perfect when her mom bought the property in 1990 as it allowed for her to build her egg farm as well as raise other farm animals.

In her spare time Clarke enjoys doing anything outdoors but her favorite thing is cycling. There are endless trails to explore along the Vedder River near where the farm is located in Chilliwack. She also enjoys supporting the Terry Fox Foundation and other charities through her biking. A women of many talents Clarke also places and delivers baby chicks to other farms all over BC.

One thing she would like consumers to know is that farmers priority the care of their animals and making sure they have a great life. Farmers work really hard to produce a healthy, nutritious, ethical product and many are passionate about educating consumers about where their food comes from.