Five Cedar Poultry

5 Cedar Poultry, located in Nanaimo, BC is managed by Wade and Alisha Allercott. Wade has worked at 5 Cedar for 20 years starting as a farm employee but working his way up to managing the farm. Alisha joined him in 2007 and helping Wade around the farm turned into a full-time position for her.

After both growing up in the city Wade and Alisha enjoy the rural, tranquil aspect of farming. They also enjoy the solitude of country living and love spending time with the chickens. In their spare time Wade and Alisha enjoy camping, kayaking, spending time on their ATV and exploring the backroads around Vancouver Island.

5 Cedar started as single-tier free run and free-range barns but was renovated in 2020 to a free-range aviary system. Currently the barns house around 17,000 birds and custom raise around 35,000 pullets (young hens) for other farms over the course of a year.

One thing Alisha would like consumers to know is that farmers are proud of what they do. Many of them raise their birds from pullets to adults and put a lot of time and energy into making sure they get the best feed, water, and housing possible. In the end consumers can know they are getting an egg from a bird that is cared for by the farmer.