Derwest Poultry

Derwest Poultry is owned by first generation egg farmers Ed and Hester Mulder in the Summas Prairie. The Mulders started as a broiler breeder farm in 1994 and in 2016 were interested in converting their farm to laying hens. Currently they have 9500 birds housed in free run barns that lay around 9300 eggs a day.

The lifestyle, working from home and spending time with their kids when they were young was part of what drew the Mulders into farming. They also appreciate how supportive the farming community is and know that there are others within the industry that are always willing to help with any issues or questions.

When they have time the Mulders enjoy spending time with family, biking as well as camping.

The Mulders would like consumers to know that as farmers they love what they do and they enjoy providing a fresh, nutritious local product.