Cedarline Eggs

Cedarline Poultry is a family affair run by Mike and Lorene Barnum, Joe and Marie Broom, as well as Kelwyn and Jill Hoeppner. Many of them are third generation farmers having been in the dairy industry for many years but entered the egg industry in 2016. Their layer farm currently has 6,000 hens in enriched colony housing that produce veggie fed eggs. In enriched colony houses hens are raised in small social groups that are free to perch, scratch and lay their eggs in a nesting area in a furnished cage environment.

Farming was an easy decision for these families as everyone has a love for animals, enjoys working with family everyday and having a say on the farm. They are also grateful to have both a dairy and layer perspective in farming and love creating food for people.

In their limited spare time, they all enjoy spending time together as a family, some of them also enjoy camping as well as getting their kids involved in sports.

One of the things they would like consumers to know is that animal welfare is a top priority, farmers pride themselves in animal care in order to provide a wholesome nutritious egg at the end of the day. There is a lot of work that goes into producing an egg, many guidelines that farmers follow and support so that consumers enjoy a product they can feel good about.