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Naturegg Nature's Best eggs (Vegetarian)

What are Naturegg Nature's Best eggs?

Basically, the main difference between these eggs and regular eggs is the vegetarian feed ration that is fed to the hens. This combined with the fact that we select the eggs from young hens in the peak of their production.

We also guarantee that the hens on the Naturegg Nature's Best program have been fed no antibiotics or medications. If a flock of birds gets sick, which is currently fairly rare, they have to be treated just like a human does. This will mean that the hens would be fed some sort of medication that complies with Agriculture Canada regulations. However, some people are concerned about additives, medications, etc. We guarantee that if the hens on the Nature’s Best program go on a medication, they will be taken off the program. There are no medications, antibiotics or preservatives in the feed of these hens.